JULY 27, 2015 - Nothing Good Ever Happens in Los Angeles

Now my life is sweet like honey. It's a fucking dream and I'm living it. I've never taken LA seriously, it's always been a playland to me. And if you never take it seriously, then you can never get hurt.
A dark-angel for a partner in crime with an aura as lavender as the lilly fields. I've got skeletons on my pjs and I answer the door in the morning for coffee in bed. Running around like we've got nothing to lose. How does a week feel like a lifetime? Make-out parnters and silverlake rains. Rooftops and stomachs hurting from 12-hours of laughter. Guacamole and cigarettes out in the back. Stars on our third eye and sheer garments on our bodies. Hands adorned in silver and friends in every part of the city. LA, I never want to wake up from you.
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