Hatue Pretty in Pink

12 JUN - Bougainvillea

My parents recently sold the house I grew up in and although it was definitely time (obviously I moved out a long time ago and my parents had also long since moved into another investment property they had) I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic when Chris and I came upon this gorgeous hidden wall of stunning bougainvilleas in a random alley here in LA. We had lived in that old house from when I was barely 5 years old and well into college. During my life there, our entire backyard was covered in these incredible vines, that lead into an enormous canyon and even wrapped around to our front yard. I remember when we first moved in, like myself, my Mom was (and still is) a photography enthusiast and we’d take daily photos posing around these beautiful leaves. Of course, as time passed, they began to feel more and more normal, blending into the background of our lives. Yet seeing them again transported me to the past and reminded me to never take things like this for granted. Even though I’m sure we took enough photos when I did live there, part of me wishes we took a few more. Don’t forget to stop and smell the bougainvillea :)

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